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The cure to drug addiction lies within the understanding of how the body and mind are simultaneously influenced by a chemical dependency problem. Only after gaining this knowledge can the addict start the process of reversing the addiction cycle, and begin to address the triggers in the mind which are keeping him addicted. This is the world's first and only absolutely anonymous drug treatment program in the form of literature, as users do not have to show up, sign in, sit through any classes, and nobody will ever know they are using a program unless they decide to tell someone themselves. For the average user, anonymity and the high price of in-house drug treatment programs are some of the main reasons for not seeking help. This literature takes away those excuses and puts the program into the user's hands for the price of a book, something that has never been offered to them in the past. This is a full-service drug treatment program, which tackles the psychological aspects of addiction and teaches the user how to use several different mind-game techniques to recognize and reverse these triggers of convenience, which often lead to addiction and relapse. Any addict, who reads the entire content of this book, and uses the techniques when and how they are described, will be drug-free by the time they finish this book. In the past, this feat was deemed impossible, but How to Quit Cocaine Now brings new hope to a generation of addicts often viewed as hopeless.

This book is broken down into 28 chapters and two phases, split almost down the middle, as the second phase begins midway through the literature. The first half of the book is dedicated to teaching the user why he is addicted to cocaine, and how he can reverse the process by changing the way he thinks, while planning an exit strategy to his addiction. The reader is taught how to work towards a 'quit-date' and is instructed not to read any of the second phase until this quit date has arrived. Once the reader quits using for a full 24 hours, he starts reading on the second phase of the program.
The second half of the book teaches the user how to use a 14-day self-detox program in the privacy of one's home, while being instructed on how to pull off this feat with the help of several over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, vitamins, and herbs, with a play-by-play of what to expect and how to react to the physical and physiological withdrawals, on a day to day basis. The reader has 14 different chapters to follow at this point, one for each day of the detox period. This is important information since every day after the initial detox ravages the body and psyche of the addict, trying to convince them to relapse. The techniques described in this literature addresses and attacks the daily changes in the human body and mind during the processes of withdrawal, which change each day, after the chemical has been removed from the daily regimen.
This book is written as a one-on-one conversation with the addict, from an ex-addict who has already been through all of the trials and tribulations of kicking the same addiction successfully, with this same program. The author talks directly to the one person who is reading and gains their understanding, friendship, and trust, while we they take this ride together. The reader is always well informed as to what is coming next, and well aware that all of the bumps in the road have already been addressed. Gaining the readers trust is the physiological advantage of any successful drug treatment program. This book goes far beyond gaining the trust and confidence of the reader/addict seeking help. © 2008 - 2020 All Rights Reserved

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